“Saving our Water for Tomorrow”

Our Waterless / Composting Toilet Range

Both solutions have similar attributes
* No chemicals needed
* Urine separation prevents odours
* No water used during operation
* Low operational cost
* Easy to install


Off the grid or on mains power.
In a Tiny Home, Motorhome,
Boat, Bach or Container Home –
the Nature’s Head or the OGO can meet your needs
. . . . . . and save precious water!

~ well proven

Natures Head Composting Toilet

The Nature’s Head has been our flagship waterless composting toilet for the past nine years and is well proven in its field.

Still the Number One toilet of choice for boats, tiny homes and mobile applications.

It’s ‘no frills’ robust construction makes it the best choice for off-grid living and marine use – basically – it’s nearly bulletproof!

$2,000.00 including GST & FREE delivery


~ Compact European Styling

OGO Waterless Composting Toilets

The Ogo is our latest addition and features European styling, a more compact footprint, and a motorised agitator for your convenience.

The Ogo will compliment any tiny home, bach, van or motorhome.

Using the same composting medium as the Nature’s Head, it’s economical to run.

$2,300.00 including GST & FREE delivery


How do the waterless composting toilets compare?