The OGO is available now !

A compact, newly designed, waterless toilet for the environmentally conscious.

At ToiletsNZ we have been importing and retailing a leading brand of waterless toilet for over nine years, and are now proud to bring you the “OGO” – with clean, fresh European styling as an addition to our product range – proudly manufactured in the USA like the Nature’s Head.

This innovative waterless composting toilet is now available in New Zealand and can be ordered using the Contact Us page on this website.

Supply is the first business day after payment – get in touch using our  Contacts page.


Note:   Current stock is limited – be in now before the springtime rush! Order through our Contact Us  page – don’t forget to include your delivery address!

The OGO waterless toilet now sets the new standard for off grid living in Tiny Homes.

It’s a ‘dry’ toilet – it doesn’t need external water for flushing – no need for expensive plumbing

It’s economical – no need to purchase chemicals – just half a block of coco-coir or some sphagnum peat moss from the hardware store

Waterless: The OGO is a ‘dry’ toilet – it doesn’t use an external water source for flushing. There is no need for complicated plumbing.

Economical: It doesn’t need expensive chemicals to operate – just a coco-coir briquette, or some peat moss.

Easy Installation: The OGO is attached to the floor with four screws. The ventilation hose is attached and ducted to the the wall, floor or ceiling. Plug the power supply in and you’re ‘ready to go!’

Are you still pumping raw sewerage into pristine clean anchorages?
Did you know that the OGO waterless toilet is the best of all sanitation solutions for boat owners?

This waterless toilet is completely self-contained, and can be used safely while cruising as well as in anchorages and marinas

The small footprint of the OGO makes it ideal when retro-fitting by removal of your old pump or macerating toilet.

Designed to withstand the tough marine environment, the OGO toilet will give years of trouble-free service as it’s made from tough injection moulded plastic and marine-grade stainless steel.

Don’t put up with blocked toilets, stinking holding tanks, lack of pump-out facilities, complicated instructions for guests or the need to recharge or replace batteries for complex on-board treatment systems!

This waterless toilet is completely self-contained and can be used safely in places where traditional flush toilets are impractical or where there is no water or sewage reticulation.

Because OGO waterless toilets were designed for the harshest of conditions and are constructed with marine grade stainless steel, they will stand up to years of trouble free service in a rural environment.

Power usage is minimal and can be from your off-grid solar supply or from mains power using a 230v/12v transformer – available for $60.00 at time of toilet purchase. (courier fee applies if purchased later)