Compact is the word!

OGO is the new compact concept in waterless toilets.
Comfortable seat height
Electric agitation at the push of a button
Visual check of the urine tank by a warning light
Solids container is easily removed through the front
Sleek modern design in smooth white plastic
Easy to keep clean
Powered by a simple 12 volt supply or 240v/12v mains transformer
Odour free – urine separation within the bowl
Good capacity – 9 litre urine bottle – solids 25 to 30 uses
Easy on 12v power – Fan 0.48 Ah/day Motor 0.6 Ah/day
Easy to install – secure the base, attach power, and vent
Fan module with vent connection can be changed to other side
Uses easily obtained coco-coir briquette or sphagnum peat moss
No nasty chemicals to purchase or dispose of
Simple trapdoor operation
Space saving – only a 41cm wide x 38cm deep x 47cm tall footprint

OGO Spec Sheet

What’s in the box?

The OGO Toilet
Mounting screws
Vent hose – 1,520mm
12 volt power cable and plug
Spray bottle

The toilet is 380mm deep by 406mm wide by 470mm tall
It weighs approx. 12 kgs
The electric agitator runs for 2 minutes
The solids bin has a capacity of approx 25 uses before emptying
The urine bottle holds approx 9 litres of liquid


Electrical Requirements:

The motor requires a 12 volt supply at 10 amps
The wire with the grey dashed markings is the positive wire
Your power supply must have a fuse in the positive supply
The plug on the cable is inserted into the socket on the fan housing

If you are going to run the toilet from a mains power supply (240v) you will need to source a regulated 240v/12v power converter capable of supplying 8 to 10 amps at 12 volts
(this is not supplied by ToiletsNZ)

The fan must run 24/7 and draws 0.02 amps = 0.48 Amp/hrs per day

The electric motor draws 5 to 8 amps when mixing and assuming 4-5 uses per day will use approx 1.5 to 5.5 amp/hrs per day


Insert swaps:

The inserts for the venting/power and inlet filter can be swapped depending on which direction your power source/venting capabilities are coming from. Pop out the inserts from the inside of the toilet, and pop them back in on the opposite side


Vent hose:

Your OGO is supplied with a 1,520mm flexible hose that has black connectors on each ent. One end is a push fit onto the “T-bar” that’s on the rear corner of the toilet and the other will attach to your choice of venting capabilities. The internal measurement of the black connector is 40mm